Create a living legacy with your photo images and videos

*NEW* We can preserve your scrapbooks by having Enhanced Photo Company scan their pages and reproduce   the scrapbook as a permanent photo book.  Don't let your priceless scrapbooks deteriorate any more than  they already have.  Preserve & Create all at the same time!  See the photo book under the Tab "Samples".  *New*

Preserve your family legacy for the next generation through entertaining DVD slide shows and professionally designed coffee table books, crafted to reflect your family's unique personality. Allow Enhanced Photo Company to partner with you by lending our design expertise to your personal preferences.

Enhanced Photo Company takes a personal interest in helping you organize, digitize and process scrapbook pages, individual images, movies and irreplaceable documents you want to preserve for generations to come.  We actually help you organize, scan, design projects, and produce for your family, memorabilia that not only entertains, but also reflects your special touch on family history.  What better way to pass down to future generations or pass up special treasures to brighten the day for parents and grandparents?  DVD slide shows are perfect gifts for many occasions and can easily be shared on TVs and computers.  Photo books enliven coffee tables and permanently preserve treasures that otherwise inevitably doomed to deterioration and loss.

Enhanced Photo Company will get you started and become an invaluable partner in preserving the treasures which make your lives memorable and worth sharing with family and friends.  Take a few minutes to browse our site to kindle your imagination. WE DO NOT PROCEED WITH A PROJECT WITHOUT YOUR PRIOR APPROVAL OF WHAT IT WILL COST.